The top of the Sperm Quality Analyzer line

Automaticresultsin 75 seconds

WHO semen parameters are reported in addition to derived and total/ejaculate parameters - all these SQA-V reported parameters result in a comprehensive semen analysis assessment

Automatically reads fresh, frozen, washed and post-vasectomy samples

On-screen visualization of the semen sample on the video screen of the SQA-V or on a PC display (with counting grid and image freezing) using a standard laboratory slide or an SQA-V capillary

Variable optical magnification from x300 to x500

Video clips can be recorded using V-Sperm III software

A complete semen analysis report can be automatically printed-out

A “High Sensitivity” test mode for oligo-, asteno- and azoospermia determination, and vasectomy validation

Disposable testing capillary is biologically safe and can be conveniently used in virtually any testing environment


Patient test results, images and clips can be downloaded to a PC using V-Sperm III software


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