The top of the range qmd®: therapeutic laser 808 + 1064 + 1120nm 24W, complete with trolley and standard kit. The 3-wavelength, individually drivable, allow very precise interventions.

Full color touch screen 10.4″ and intuitive and easy to use software. Dispensing laser in continuous mode, pulsed mode, super pulsed mode and the exclusive qmd® harmonic pulsation. Thus, for example, in an analgesic treatment, a wavelength issues a superpulsed stimulus (most of the laser devices make only this!); the second wavelength issues, simultaneously, a pulsed stimulus of the same frequency of the molecule / target mediator; and the third issues a scanning frequencies to hit simultaneously all mediators and molecules marginally involved. In this way we treat pain with a triple action simultaneously.
Another peculiar feature of this device is the wavelength of 1120nm, which acts primarily on serotonin, on dopamine (neurotransmitter of pain) and on P substance (muscles).
The unit comes complete with S & M spacers, footswitch and two pairs of goggles The device is equipped with USB ports to allow remote assistance and software updates without having to remove the device from your medical office.
Accessorized with: fixed arm comprehensive of L spacer and handpiece with manual stop button, qmd® cryo-thermal module, qmd® thermocamera.


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